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AH!LASKA¬ģ came from Alaska!, that's right.

AH!LASKA was the first organic, fat free, and kosher cocoa on the market. It's fabulously tasty and is a big hit with kids and to anyone who wants a good alternative to the every-day cocoa drinks.

And there's more! AH!LASKA has four delicious products - all made from organic cocoa: Cocoa Mix, Dairy Free Cocoa Mix, Chocolate Syrup, and Baking Cocoa to use when baking cookies, brownies, and cakes. You can be your very own bakery! AH!Bear has been around for a long time and is still teaching kids about the environment. He loves yummy foods and hopes you do to!

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Save on Ah!Laska Baker's Cocoa 12 x 8 oz AH!LASKA cocoa was the first organic, fat-free and koshe..
Ex Tax: Rs.9,200.00/-
Save On Ah!Laska 12X 12 Oz Chocolate Cocoa Low Fat Made with highest quality organic milk powder ..
Ex Tax: Rs.9,300.00/-
Save On Ah!Laska Chocolate Syrup12X 22 Oz This Product Is Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, Sodium-Free, A..
Ex Tax: Rs.6,800.00/-
Save On Ah!Laska Non-Dairy Cocoa Mix 12X 12 Oz  Ahlaska Organic Non Dairy Chocolate Mix..
Ex Tax: Rs.9,255.00/-